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Amendment of terms

LASMEX reserves the right change the disclaimers or the privacy any time without prior notice. The changes become effective at the time of their publication. By the other use of this website you agree with the changes. This is why you should control regularly the disclaimers on changes.


Privacy directives

The personal data raised by this site or in direct connection to this site will only be used in direct circumstances to this site. Your data will not be transmitted to any third party.


Subject to alterations

The information provided on this website is selected with the up most care and is constantly updated and supplemented. Although, a guarantee that this information is up-to-date, correct and complete cannot be given. LASMEX expressly reserves the right to change the sides any time, to move back or to close the access to this.


Third Party Links

LASMEX is not responsible for any third party link stated on this site. This applies also for the content on websites that are indirect or direct, directed to and/or from LASMEX takes in no form responsibility for the content on the websites where to is linked, or wherefrom is linked to the LASMEX website. That is also that we dissociate ourselves from the contents of these websites or the material available on it and don’t approve of it.


Closing of the Website

We reserve the right to close the website in full or partly without prior notice any time. We take over no obligation or liability for the omitted storage or deletion of the contents passed on in the website and/or user’s holds.



We reserve ourselves the right to use your free of charge feedback, to multiplicate, to make accessible other and to transmit it to another.


Salvatorius clause

Should single regulations become ineffectively or impracticable, we will substitute them with a valid or enforceable regulation which comes most near the purpose of the original regulation. The other regulations keep her validity.

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