About Lasmex.

Lasmex produces high-quality audio devices which are always innovative and trend-setting to give the user an absolute experience that he would like to re-experience again and again.
Quality doesn’t have to be expensive.  According to this maxim Lasmex  shapes its portfolio in order to being able to offer you the best possible quality for a narrow course.

Let´s feel the sound. 

This motto of Lasmex wants to point out  that you are not only able to listen to music but rather you can experience and feel it. Just this experience Lasmex wants to offer you. We have aimed to improve and develop this  experience constantly. Crisp highs and powerful lows. All that in a whole package will convince and allows you to feel  the sound, to experience it  and lets you become a part of the whole. Feel the sound with Lasmex – let´s feel the sound.


Professional goals.

Lasmex has set itself to the aim to produce high quality electronic devices especially in the audioarea. One further goals is increasing the level of awareness of the brand.

Common was yesterday.

We are aware of the sophisticated society of today and care for its requirements. Our aim is it not only to offer high-quality products but to create them noble, modern and also functionally. Usability is not a foreign word for us, but rather the starting point of every product from the Lasmex series. With Lasmex you always receive technology in completion tied up in a design package that blends seamlessly into every ambience without being dull.

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